The ABBA STARS REVIVAL have been performing since 2004. During more than 14 years of existence ABBA STARS become one of the most successful revivals, played over 1500 performances at home and abroad and won the respect of fans and critics.
This group scored 2 CDs, many television appearances and some interesting prices - the last of the French TV FT 1 \in the autumn of 2009 from the competition - the most faithful doubles in the world! The contest followed the 70 miles of people.

Basic info:

The group ABBA STARS was established in 2004

  • The band was formed by Dan Dobias, singer, guitarist, manager and keyboardist Michael Vanek
  • Soon were found excellent singers Petra Peterova and Beatrice Todorova
  • Beatrice Todorova - graduated from the conservatory, she performed with many orchestras, including Semaphore Theatre, National Theatre (A Walk Worthwhile), orchestra V. Hybs etc. ...
  • Petra Peterova- The soloist of Ježek Conservatory, singer, actress, sang in many projects, for example in the Petr Muk group for 8 years. At the same time he plays in several musicals, such as Children of Paradise, Zvonokosy and others.
  • After the first demo recordings recorded in the studio, it was clear that it would be a sin that this group of musicians has not disclosed to the public
  • The first performance took place in September 2004 and the group enjoyed great success, offers for the shows began to proliferate and all members had to abandon their solo projects, and threw together a new project ABBA STARS
  • During the first year the band played nearly 100 performances, attended the show's revival of ABBA in Sweden and it was only a matter of time the group would be noticed of foreign agencies
  • On september 2005 the band recorded a CD Golden songs, where are records of the greatest hits of ABBA, the bonus was 4 songs, recorded by a symphony orchestra, conducted by the now well-known conductor Varhan Orchestrovic Bauer
  • In the autumn of 2006, ABBA STARS took platinum disc for 40 thousand CD´s sold
  • The first performance abroad was in Croatia where the group returned two years after. The largest open-air concert in Sibenik saw 3,000 fans
  • By this time the band played show not only in Croatia but also in Austria, Germany, Poland, France, Lebanon, Slovak Republic, Caribbean areas and of the Arabians Emirates and overseas ship Costa Magica
tel.: +420 777 282 927


Český slavík Mattoni
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Promo video:

Current members of ABBA STARS:

Dan Dobias – guitar, vocals
Anna Batkova – vocals
Genny Ciatti – vocals
Michal Vanek - keys


At the end of September 2007 at the invitation of the German Agency ABBA STARS leaves a part of its European tour. This agency also cooperates with the Czech nightingale Karel Gott

On this tour, the group has been supplemented by other musicians who added a basic four team. The bass plays Svaťa Nema Nemecek, drums Mira Cizkovsky and two vocalist Sarka Dumisincova, tereza Nalevkova. ABBA STARS played 65 concerts in Germany and drove an impressive 30 thousand km. Concerts celebrated a huge success in sold-out halls and there prevailed a great atmosphere. Throughout the tour group was accompanied by a technical team, which also ensures tour group Genesis, including the cook and the dresser.

After the successful German tour group ABBA STARS began touring in France.

In autumn 2008 ABBA STARS made a video for the song Mamma Mia. Video clip based on the concert environment and there are funny scenes of the preparations for the performance and peace can be felt around the whole group.

Several concerts in France ABBA STARS played with the world famous original group Boney M. Concert in Paris saw 15.000 people.
In the autumn of 2009 came the group Boney M in a joint concert with the band ABBA STARS into the Czech Republic.

In summer 2009, ABBA STARS flew to Lebanon for a concert, on November in Thailand on Phuket Island, in January received an invitation to Dubai. Of course they have regular concerts in the Czech republic.

ABBA STARS playes thirty-five songs from the legendary quartet and overall image adds 7 sets of exact copies of the costumes, in which ABBA performed. The stage design is also given emphasis. Songs like DANCING QUEEN, MAMMA MIA, S.O.S. are still global hits and are sorted into pop gold treasure. Concert ABBA STARS is a true and perfect copy of the legendary four ABBA concert.

Evidence is that the group was invited on the basis of recordings in the birthplace of ABBA – Sweden, for the ABBA revival show and in terms of the official ABBA sites, ABBA STARS to compete to other thirty Abba revivals one of the absolute best rating! You can be sure that ABBA STARS is a real decoration of your event and its performance will thrill your audience, clients, customers and you.

Types of events, the Group is acting:
  • concerts in theaters, cultural centers, summer amphitheatres and floors
  • musical show
  • balls
  • Festivals
  • urban festivals, beer festivals, vintage
  • New Year's Eve events
  • Corporate and PR party
  • TV shows
  • private events, clubs
  • supporting cultural programs, exhibitions, sporting events
  • opening events and fashion show
Types of performances:
  • Concert ABBA STARS band - 8 people - about 2x50 minutes with intermission - clubs, theaters and cultural centers (in disguise), with or without apparatus.
  • Music input - ABBA STARS - 4 people - 1 to 4x30 minutes - clubs, parties, balls, corporate events, discos, with or without apparatus.
  • Playback set - duration approximately 15-30 minutes. Suitable for time and technically exposed VIP events.
Special offer:
  • the stage, sound and lighting equipment for your events
  • the possibility of creating a special edition CD ABBA STARS directly to your clients
  • In cooperation with the agency creating your event a "turnkey" (technical support, artists, presenters, all PR events in the media, the presence of production, document from the actions)

If you are interested in performance or specific information, please contact us.